Kommander GP1 Hull

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Our GP1 personal watercraft hull was a ground-up, completely new design for Kommander Industries. This hull was conceived in the real world and then perfected in a virtual CAD environment. By utilizing the latest CAD technology, we were able to perfect every aspect of the hull for optimal strength, fit and performance.

The GP1's key attributes are stability at speed, unparalleled hook-up and corner grip along with ease of operation. Nothing available on the market today compares to this hull when it comes to ease of operation at race speeds. Rides exert less energy to go even faster than they would on any other brand of hull. Less energy means faster laps for a longer length of time.

Contact us for hull and complete build pricing options.

  • Includes the following:
  • Hull
  • Hood
  • Heat-treated 17-4 PH stainless steel driveshaft*
  • Billet aluminum intake grate
  • Carbon fiber ride plate
  • Pump shoe installed

Your choice of engine bolt pattern:

  • Yamaha TR-1 4-stroke 
  • Kawasaki 1500 4-stroke
  • Kawasaki Triple 2-stroke
  • BRP 900 ACE 4-stroke

*(Driveshaft sized for Kawasaki set-back Magnum pump. Other lengths available on request.)