Service Department

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Kommander Industries' is a full-service Yamaha WaveRunner dealer and personal watercraft high-performance center with more than 25 years of racing and high-performance aftermarket parts development experience.

In the world of PWC racing, Kommander Industries is second to none when it comes to building high-performance PWC for the fastest racers in the World.

Kommander Industries prides itself on building fast, reliable, competitive personal watercraft and turnkey solutions for racing, freeriding, and freestyle personal watercraft riding.

If you are a high-performance PWC enthusiast or competitive athlete in need of a standout two-stroke and four-stroke PWC, you need to give Kommander Industries a call.

Performance Services:

  • Porting
  • Port matching 
  • Boring
  • Decking
  • Resleeving
  • Crank rebuilding
  • Crank truing/welding
  • Open, GP, Limited & Stock class motors, Turbo 4 stroke
  • Turn Key Skis